Digital Asset Management Links — June 10, 2016

DAM links, design, taxi interior by Namrata Gosavi

The interior of a India taxi with fabric by designer Namrata Gosavi. Credit:

The Special Librarians Association (SLA) annual meeting started in Philadelphia today. Digital asset management (DAM) has a lot of overlap with SLA topics since many DAM systems are corporate digital libraries – often managed by library and information professionals. It feels appropriate then to share this article announcing that Jim Matarazzo and Toby Pearlstein are being honored with the John Cotton Dana award for their research in corporate librarianship. – SLA

Speaking of corporate libraries, Comedy Central opened access to a digital archive of Key & Peele episodes, a popular sketch comedy show. Get inspired by the engaging, inviting interface of the site. – Slate

Is a re-brand for the world wide web in the works? This in-depth article talks about things that make the web great and terrible, and how thought leaders like web creator Tim Berners-Lee and Internet Archive leader Brewster Kahle are getting together to discuss the future of the internet. –  New York Times

India launched a taxi-cab beautification project, and the results are stunning. Check out some images from the Taxi Fabric project and prepare to be awed. The initiative gives young designers a chance to try creative ideas and modernizes an aging taxi industry. – designboom

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