Digital Asset Management Links — July 31 2015

Digital asset management links July 31, 2015

From cave walls to the slickest digital ad campaign, people love visual storytelling. Here are three tips for using images to tell your brand’s story. – Ad Age

Organize your storytelling images with a digital asset management (DAM) system. DAM can help you scale and measure marketing efforts and build your brand. – MarTech Advisor

We always love a good women and technology story. Read how a girl scout troop in Parsons, Kansas built a website to help local young adults find something to do. – Parsons Sun

Sonic the Hedgehog, beloved to 80’s children everywhere. One marketer remembers their 1992 product launch and the lessons it taught him about making a marketing impact. – The Next Web

Are you following these 15 marketing experts on Twitter? You should be. – CIO

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