Digital Asset Management Links — July 28, 2017

Digital asset management links July 28, 2017


Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day! We would like to wish a happy system administrator day to all of the DAM champs out there (and all other system admins). Keep on making assets findable! – SysAdminDay

In honor of SysAdmin Day, check out our DAM champs series. It highlights all the great work that DAM system admins are doing. If you know a DAM champ, let us know! We’d love to interview them and feature them on our site. And now back to the links…

There are many different challenges that DAM managers face. It’s a tough job, which is why we like to call them DAM champions. But are there any new challenges that DAM managers face in this day and age? Listen to Frédéric Sanuy elaborate on the new challenges for DAM managers. – YouTube

Do you need help convincing your boss that DAM is a good investment? This live briefing might be for you. It can help you persuade your boss that DAM isn’t just something that’s nice to have, it’s a must have. – Real Story Group

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