Digital Asset Management Links — July 24 2015

Digital asset management links July 24, 2015

Loving this article on why you should be managing your digital assets. Businesses of all sizes can see a return on investment when they make better use of expensive digital assets.  The Next Web

Along the same lines, one outlet asks if companies can afford not to have a DAM, citing revenue gain, reduced asset creation costs, and reduced risk the benefits of a DAM system. Are you convinced yet? – Mobile Marketing Watch

Digital assets aren’t just expensive — they’re powerful. Visual storytelling is a great way to connect with current and potential customers. Here are seven ways to tell a story through images. – Customer Think

This might be veering a bit out of the realm of digital asset management, but it’s exciting and related to digital archives. Astronomers combed telescope archives and found a massive black hole. That’s quite a return on investment for those digital archives. – Phys Org

Content creation is no longer solely in the hands of graphic designers, which means we can call benefit from these tips to strengthen your graphic design skills. – Association for Talent Development

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