Digital Asset Management Links — July 21, 2017

Digital asset management links July 21, 2017

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The oil and gas industry is becoming more digital. Many companies are finding themselves drowning in paperwork and struggling to get work done due to the inability to find data. This is why many companies are taking the plunge to go digital in a variety of different ways, including implementing DAM systems and using drones. – E&P Mag

Your business needs a librarian. We know, we say this a lot, but it’s because it’s true! Librarians are masters of information. They can help manage and organize digital assets, perform data analysis, or do market research. A librarian can really help accelerate your business. – LibGig

Quality metadata is key to finding what you need. This has always been important, but it’s becoming more crucial now that digital collections are starting to accommodate the needs of linked data. This article encourages information professionals to develop standards for their data in order to keep content findable. – TaxoDiary

Taxonomy and metadata are integrated, but they’re not the same. Taxonomist Heather Hedden goes over the differences between the two, including how there are separate people that specialize in each discipline. She gives recommendations of whether you should develop your metadata or taxonomy first, depending on your business. – The Accidental Taxonomist

Tim Strehle’s July DAM reading list. Tim Strehle is the content curator at Planet DAM and an expert in the DAM world. He puts together a monthly reading list of everything related to digital asset management. If you need more DAM reading, check it out! – Tim’s Weblog

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