Digital Asset Management Links — July 17, 2015

Digital asset management and visual storytelling

A picture tells a thousand words, so good visual storytelling is an important part of marketing. This infographic shows how, plus 14 practical tips to start storytelling immediately. And don’t forget a DAM to manage all the assets you’ll be using. – Marketing Tech Blog

Graphic design has probably influenced your world more than you realize. Magazines, movies, and even road signs are the work of designers who’s names you don’t know. A new book by Caroline Roberts showcases 75 influential graphic designers and this article highlights their top ten. – Fast Company Design

Hypergrowth companies like Uber and Airbnb no longer need a huge physical inventory, changing what business success is and how you reach it. Technology, digital platforms, and digital assets are the mark of a company ready for success. – Information Age

UK based Manchester Pride launches a digital archive to chronicle the LGBT history of the British city, which has long been a center of activity for activists. The project, called OUT!, uses geotagged tiles and digital media to create an engaging archive. – The Guardian

Tips from the dark side about social media, which aren’t really all that dark-sided. Maybe the second one is, but the other two are solid advice. – Orbit Media Studios

DataXu, a UK-based marketing technology company that developed a demand-side platform, or DSP, released a study of 250 “marketing decisions makers”. The report shows that people expect their use of technology to increase and that the Chief Marketing Technologist replace CMO’s & CTO’s. – MediaPost

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