Digital Asset Management Links — July 1, 2016

Polish poster design digital asset management links

A Polish design collection is currently touring the globe. The Polish Poster School is legendary and it’s great to see the tradition staying strong.

Digital asset management (DAM) industry pro John Horodyski on DAM’s second wave – one that accounts for growing needs for collaboration, communication, and greater engagement (for content creators and audiences). I particularly like the suggestion that DAM may need a rebrand as content moves “beyond classically defined ‘digital assets.’” – CMSWire

A great example of the type of change driving the second wave of DAM is artificial intelligence (AI). Visual recognition programs like Google Cloud Vision bring AI into DAM already by providing metadata support. – Marketing Mag

Content marketing is one thing – creation is another. Skills like writing, editing, conducting research, and the ability to be creative are much needed. Journalists, who are often great storytellers, information organizers, and tireless researchers, are a great fit for the gap. – Business 2 Community

Poland has a long history of poster design, creating visual masterpieces as part of the “Polish Poster School” in the 50’s and 60’s. The traditional of innovative design is still strong, and a new exhibit of modern Polish art is traveling the world. Be inspired. –

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