Digital Asset Management Links — January 8, 2016

Digital asset management links January 8, 2016

Big news in digital archives! The New York Public Library has opened their digital collection to the public. As of today there are 672,153 items available to view, and new items are being added daily. This is an exciting addition to the online library world and good news for learners everywhere. Until now, the archives were only available by request and/or a fee. This “attempt to democratize its assets for all who want to learn.” Always a pleasure to see a new digital archive open up, especially one of this size and status. – Tech Times

Spoiler alert before I get into the “2015 year in review” and “what to expect in 2016”: Marketing technology spending is expected to increase and here are three things to keep in mind when you are considering new systems or software. – MarTech Advisor

On to a few review and predictions. Slightly different format here, I’m going to post a few interesting snippets from each source:

  1. CIO takes a look at marketing technology predictions for 2016 and estimates that the rise in ad blocking will harm money-making models for websites, we’ll see new metrics, third party data, and more social marketing.
  2. Forbes shares 10 hot design tools for the new year that focus on improving the user experience, interactive elements, and easily creating graphics and layouts.
  3. The Wall Street Journal reviews the biggest media and marketing stories of 2015, with ad blocking coming up again as a huge concern, as well as changes in the way people view broadcast media.
  4. ZDNet expects 2016 to be busy and inspiring for tech executives while they focus on increasing efficiency, collaboration, responsiveness, and more.

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