Digital Asset Management Links — January 5, 2018

digital asset management links January 5, 2018

Here’s to the first DAM links of 2018! We have some exceptional content for you to dive into for the new year.

A look into the future of DAM. According to John Horodyski, the future of DAM looks like businesses making more connections to consumers through the use of content. Content is the main way that organizations communicate with their audiences, and DAM is critical to the content ecosystem. Not only does he go into the future of DAM but he also stresses why it’s important right now. – CMSWire

Here’s a preview of The Codified DAM Consultant. Mark Davey is calling this the Kayak of DAM. It’s an automated, metric-based app and toolkit that aggregates DAM products, services, and consultancy knowledge all in one place. It’s a great resource for anyone in the DAM buying process. Watch this video to get a preview of what it’s all about. – YouTube

The top 10 episodes of Another DAM Podcast of 2017. These podcasts are a great way to learn from other DAM professionals. And DAM champ Dan Piro even made the list! – Another DAM Blog

A reflection on the Henry Stewart events of 2017. Dan Luper, managing director of Henry Stewart Events, takes a look back at the events and reflects on the themes that stood out in 2017 and what’s coming for the new year. Some common themes were DAM from the user’s perspective and creative operations. – LinkedIn

Watch this webinar to prepare for 2018. The webinar is called “DAM Trends: Will We See Stranger Things for DAM in 2018?” and it’ll go into the DAM trends you should be aware of for 2018. – Real Story Group

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