Digital Asset Management Links — January 27, 2017

Digital asset management links January 27, 2017

Need a DAM reality check? Every year Real Story Group analyzes how fast DAM vendors are evolving. In their chart you can see how they rate some of the top DAM companies. – Real Story Group

Do you feel like you’re drowning in digital systems without solving any problems? Investing in marketing technology is just the first step. You have to know how to own your tools, users, and processes. This article gives you three steps to solving your digital system problems. – CMSWire

Internet of Things (IoT) and DAM can create real global value. No, it’s not just another acronym for you to learn. Digital assets embedded in IoT are the start of a new digital ecosystem that can increase collaboration and help businesses evolve. – CIOReview

We all know when DAM doesn’t work well, everyone’s frustrated. Here’s a list of the top five remedies for solving your DAM pain points. Some of the pain points include lack of engagement, inability to scale, and implementation problems. – LinkedIn

It’s the new year, so let’s look at the future of DAM. Toby Martin, author of this article, believes that the three main factors influencing the future of DAM will be greater IT involvement, omni-channel marketing spawns omni-market asset creation, and composite intellectual property. – CMSWire

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