Digital Asset Management Links — January 22, 2016

Visual content strategy and digital asset management

Is 2016 the year of visual content strategy? It’s certainly hot right now. Here’s a comprehensive list of what to do and what not to do what it comes to developing and marketing visual content. Also, always remember that you should use a digital asset management (DAM) to organize and get the most value out of them. – Visme

Explore Texas history online via the Texas Digital Archive (TDA). As an experienced digital library reviewer (check my creds) my impression is that there are tons of great historical images in the archive. The interface is still a little clunky though, and collections can be hard to find. – The Bay Area Citizen

Another digital archive celebration: the Internet Archive turns 20! Happy birthday to the largest free digital collection in the world. – Cloudwards

Fantastic interview with Sanjay Dholakia, the Chief Marketing Officer of digital marketing company Marketo. Dholakia talks about the future of digital marketing (automation), what he learned about marketing as a kid (build good teams), and much more. – Mashable

Let’s end on fun note! Ionna Vautrin of France takes the stuffiness out of design with exuberant, engaging experience for kids and adults. Something to think about during the design process and especially when branding physical spaces. – Quartz

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