Digital Asset Management Links — January 20, 2017

Digital asset management links January 20, 2017

Researching a DAM system goes beyond just the technology. In order to really see if a DAM system is a fit for your company, you should talk to the product team. This article explains why this is a must and gives eight questions you can ask the people behind the product. CMSWire

As an organization, you should be the the master of your own digital assets. It isn’t the best strategy to have agencies owning all of your assets and having to request something from them every time you need an asset. It’s time to take control of your own assets. – Real Story Group

A DAM strategy can help accelerate mobile (and really, all) marketing campaigns. Here’s a roundup of five tips on how to best formulate your DAM strategy to make the most of out your mobile marketing assets. – Luxury Daily

Why a “content creation factory” is essential to your business and how to develop one. I love the term “content creation factory.” It gives a perfect name to the processes, people, and systems that you need to have in place in order to successfully create content each and every day. – LinkedIn

Henry Stewart has a DAM talk with Coca-Cola. Nick Felder talks about how DAM is helping Coca-Cola thrive by being able to reuse and repurpose assets and support their product in a variety of different situations. – Henry Stewart

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