Digital Asset Management Links — January 19, 2018

digital content management links January 19, 2018

Proving ROI from a DAM system to executives can be a challenge. Of course, there are other challenges with DAM, like user adoption and keeping the system running smoothly. But before you can tackle these challenges, you have to get your CFO to sign off on a DAM project. Read this article to see how and get advice from veteran content managers. – TechTarget

It’s important to stay informed of the newest technology trends. But there’s one caveat: Technology can’t solve all of your problems on its own. While staying informed about technology trends, it’s also critical to think about the people and processes that need to be in place to make the technology work. – Tame Your Assets

Are you in the DAM research process? If so, you’ll want to check out the Codified DAM Consultant. This blog post goes over a typical scenario where a creative gets fed up wasting hours searching for assets and looks for a way to solve the problem. You can also see a video of how the Codified DAM Consultant works at the end. – The Codified DAM Consultant

Filenames and metadata are critical components of any DAM system. But what’s the difference? What function do they each provide? This article goes over the importance of both and how to use them to your advantage. – Digital Asset Management News

Are you going to the Digital Assets & Content Leadership Exchange conference? It’s a conference put on by Insight Exchange Network and it’s this Monday through Wednesday in New York. If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time! – Insight Exchange Network

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