Digital Asset Management Links — January 13, 2017

Digital asset management links January 13, 2017

G2 Crowd released their winter 2017 DAM software grid. They rank some of the top DAM systems to help companies decide which DAM solution will fit them best. Shout out to Widen for being named a high performer! – PRWeb

Tim Strehle is out with his January DAM reading list. He’s always on the lookout for DAM articles (like us!) and put together some of what he thinks are the best DAM reads of the month. – Tim’s Weblog

We love this article that compares finding the right marketing technologies to mixing a perfect cocktail. It discusses how DAM can work together with all the rest of your technologies, but finding the right mixture of DAM and other marketing technologies is different for each organization. – chiefmartec

The importance of metadata from an archaeologist’s point of view. Back in the day, if you didn’t apply the proper metadata to an artifact, it was very difficult to go back and study it later. This story shows how metadata is used in many different contexts, but the value of it and the principles are the same. – Dataconomy

12 predictions about digital marketing and the digital workplace for 2017. Some of the predictions include customers wanting more quality marketing technologies and the disappearance of on-premise-only solutions. – Real Story Group

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