Digital Asset Management Links — January 12, 2018

digital content management links January 12, 2018

Who’s on your digital asset management team? Maybe you don’t have a DAM team or are planning how to organize one. If so, this article gives you some things to think about to make sure your DAM team can succeed. – Tame Your Assets

You should involve others in your taxonomy building. Even if you’re working on this all by yourself, there’s no doubt that others will be using the taxonomy. Therefore, you should include them at some point of the process to get their input. This helps you make sure the structure will work for everyone. – The Accidental Taxonomist

How is DAM transforming organizations? Listen to five DAM professionals give their opinion on this topic. The video even features DAM champs Gabe Ables and Jason Gould. – YouTube

Five content management platform trends to look out for in 2018. Some of the trends include smart content getting smarter, omnichannel delivery, and extending the reach of DAM. – TechTarget

What happens when you have a challenge with people, process, and technology? Chaos. You may remember Kevin Gepford’s DAM champ interview where he talked about building a system to manage the creative workflow process. Well, the creative workflow process has immensely improved and he has some impressive results to show. – LinkedIn

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