Digital Asset Management Links — February 26, 2016

Digital asset management links February 26, 2016

[Rosa Parks, half length portrait, facing slightly left / photo by Thomas]. (1950) [Alabama?, ca] [Image] Retrieved from the Library of Congress,

Archives about the life of civil rights activist Rosa Parks are now available online thanks to the Library of Congress. You can see the free archive here. There are over 10,000 documents and photos in the collection and it’s exciting to see such an extensive collection for an American icon. – Mashable

The University of Southern California (USC) also launched an inclusive digital archive to preserve Taiwanese American history. The project is spearheaded by USC resident archivist Joanna Chen Cham and is currently soliciting materials from community members. Beyond creating a collection of often overlooked Taiwanese American history, organizers hope the initiative will encourage the younger generation of Taiwanese Americans to talk to older family members about their histories as part of gathering materials. – NBC News

Usually, we hear about the physical items going digital (books, newspapers, etc) so I’m loving the digital to physical workflow in this story: Ancient Egyptian furniture piece was discovered in a tomb, notes and photos from the excavation were painstakingly digitized, chair later re-created thanks to extensive digital notes. The entire rebuild took about 1,000 hours, shedding light on the intensive processes used at the time. – Harvard Gazette

Despite the robotic sound of the term “marketing automation”, Daniel Newman argues it can make your brand more human. With detailed personas and demographic research, you can create a highly personalized content to reach people where they are. – Forbes

Virtual reality has been gaining speed – if Facebook adopts it for social communications will that take it past the tipping point? We’ll find out soon because they released a post this week called “New Steps Toward the Future of Virtual Reality.” Huge implications for design, marketing, and DAM. – Business2Community

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