Digital Asset Management Links — February 24, 2017

Digital asset management links February 24, 2017

The DAM gallery is returning to Henry Stewart NY. The DAM gallery allows users of DAM systems to showcase their greatest accomplishments. It was a hit at last year’s Henry Stewart NY, which is why it’s making a comeback this year. – LinkedIn

Should DAM systems be taking hints from Facebook? It may sound strange, but think about it. Facebook is a tool that has one of the highest user adoption rates out there. People love using Facebook, so how can DAM make its users love using it too? – Digital Asset Management News

How to not make mistakes in your taxonomy hierarchical relationships. It’s very easy to mess these relationships up, so don’t make this mistake. This article provides a comprehensive breakdown of how to avoid simple taxonomy errors, examples included! – The Accidental Taxonomist

DAM now has a code of ethics. Ian Matzen, a professional in the DAM world, created this code of ethics for others like himself. Some of the ethical standards include protecting the value of digital content, remaining platform and vendor neutral, and respecting the confidentiality of users, colleagues, and employers. – Tame Your Assets

A lot of MarTech leaders believe their marketing technology situation is the worst. In reality, it’s probably not. However, you can see how your technology stacks up with the RealScore Effectiveness Assessment. It scores your organization’s effectiveness in DAM, CMS, and campaign and lead management. – Real Story Group

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