Digital Asset Management Links — February 23, 2018

digital management links February 23, 2018

Are you in the process of buying a DAM system? Do you know what you should be looking for? Read this short article to see 10 features that are must-haves for DAM systems. – MarTech Advisor

A guide for the RFP process. Find a DAM vendor that will be your partner, not just sell you technology. That’s the advice given in this article about how to evaluate vendors during the RFP process. You want a vendor that’s going to do what they say they will and not try to win you over with big promises they can’t keep. – CMSWire

Have you heard of a digital asset supply chain (DASC)? It’s the practice of setting up your DAM system and other marketing technologies to all work together. It’s a term that’s gaining more traction in the DAM world, and this article dives into the details of what it is. – Digital Asset Management News

All DAM admins know that a good DAM strategy involves the users. Managing the people who use the system is just as important as managing the system itself. Use this convenient tool to help you manage all of your DAM users in one place. – The Codified DAM Consultant

Using controlled vocabularies can improve findability. A controlled vocabulary is a predetermined set of words or phrases that can be used to index and search for assets. This article gives an overview of what controlled vocabularies are and how they can help your system. – TaxoDiary

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