Digital Asset Management Links — February 2019

DAM Links February 2019

Removing clutter and finding joy in your DAM. Does Marie Kondo’s philosophy of removing clutter from one’s home extend to DAM? Absolutely! This article explores how librarians in digital asset management have been “tidying up” for years. – CMSWire

Is there overlap in the creation of indexes and faceted taxonomies? Taxonomy expert Heather Hedden says yes. Here’s an excellent explanation why. – The Accidental Taxonomist

Martech is bringing sales and marketing teams closer, with great results. By integrating systems that were previously siloed, sales and marketing teams are able to achieve greater collaboration across the entire sales funnel, and fully leverage marketing content. – CMSWire

How can a DAM solution help marketers manage and scale their content pipeline? Gartner breaks it down in this brief blog post. – Gartner for Marketers

Talking about metadata creation and empathy in the latest edition of Another DAM Podcast. Henrik de Gyor and Rebecca Schneider of AvenueCX discuss how tagging content based on empathy could increase brand engagement. – Another DAM podcast

Need a DAM platform with enhanced security? Or that supports magazine publication? Real Story Group provides an overview of the DAM features that are essential in meeting these unique needs.  – Real Story Group (security), Real Story Group (publishing)

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