Digital Asset Management Links — February 17, 2017

Digital asset management links February 17, 2017

Cloud file storage services like Google Drive and Box are not a good fit for managing brand assets. You might already know this, but this article outlines the exact reasons why. Cloud storage tools don’t provide a single source of truth nor do they support brand management. A digital asset management (DAM) solution is a much better choice for managing your assets. – Business Solutions

It’s critical for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to manage their digital assets. Many large enterprises are already in the game of DAM, but a lot of MSMEs still need to catch up. It’s so important to manage your digital assets, because if you don’t you could be losing money down the line. This is a great read for any MSMEs that want to get into DAM. – The Economic Times

Widen launches Workflow, an online work management and proofing solution. Workflow was introduced with Widen Collective v11, the latest version of Widen’s DAM system. Workflow takes teams from idea to DAM, circumventing the usual roadblocks, communications gaps, and breakdowns. – MarTech Advisor

Theresa Regli says it best when she says “suites aren’t always sweet.” She gives a review of Adobe’s two products: Adobe Campaign and AEM-Assets. She dives deep into why these tools are not always the best choices. – Real Story Group

Innovation in DAM is at a standstill, according to Martin Wilson of Asset Bank. There are reasons for this though. For example, DAM systems are mature and already solving many of the problems that organizations have. In order to become innovative again, DAM systems should look for new problems to solve with their solutions. – Digital Asset Management News

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