Digital Asset Management Links — February 16, 2018

content management links February 16, 2018

The 10 core characteristics of DAM. You often hear us refer to this on the site, but do you have a solid understanding of what those 10 characteristics are? If not, here’s a quick and easy read to get you up to speed. – The Codified DAM Consultant

Will there be stranger things for DAM in 2018? Probably nothing too strange, but we enjoy the reference. Watch this webinar recording to see what’s trending for DAM this year. – Real Story Group

Do you have interest in the digital asset supply chain? You may want to participate in the DAM Blockchain consortium. It will cover topics such as interoperability standards, integrations, microservices, and more. – Digital Asset Management News

10 things on the 10th from Mod Librarian. It’s another great list from DAM champ Tracy Wolfe. Her list features articles related to digitization, metadata, taxonomy, technology, and more.  – Mod Librarian

Do you work with DAM in a global capacity? You may find this talk from Henry Stewart helpful. It goes over the project of modernizing and upscaling global DAM systems and processes. – YouTube

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