Digital Asset Management Links — February 12, 2016

World's first digital archive of transgender history and topics

Photo by Tom Rettig

Assistant professor K.J. Rawson at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts has created the Digital Transgender Archive. It’s the first of it’s kind and a huge step forward for inclusion, social justice, and a record of transgender history in the United States. – Holy Cross

In other inclusion news, Chief Information Technology Officer of the United Nations Atefah Riazi encourages all girls to be “geeks”. – UN News Centre

An international study of life sciences industry reveals an urgent need for digital asset management (DAM) systems. 70% of respondents lack a centralized asset management system, 83% “share commercial content with stakeholders via inefficient methods”, and 81% don’t know where their content is in use. Wowzers. – Business Wire

Innovation in the print industry! Epson expands into fashion. – Mashable

This article really nails the definition of marketing technology – “tools that manage marketing processes, workflows, digital content and customer analytics.” DAM is great example of a (must-have) marketing technology system. – CIO

Even wonder how long it takes incorporate new technology into marketing teams? Most respondents said four to six months, with two to three coming in a close second. – eMarketer

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