Digital Asset Management Links — February 10, 2017

Digital asset management links February 10, 2017

What is a digital asset? Our readers may think this is a simple question. But Theresa Regli believes that it’s important to go back to the basics every once and awhile. By doing so, we can improve our more complex DAM tasks. – Real Story Group

Here’s a great read if you’re trying to implement a DAM solution at your organization. This article is part of DAM News’ “Improving DAM In 2017” series. It goes over every step you should consider before choosing the DAM vendor that’s right for your company. – Digital Asset Management News

Marketing is continuously evolving. 19 different marketing leaders are giving advice on how to keep up with marketing in 2017. Some of the suggestions include increasing online communities, reassessing your processes, and making content relevant to each consumer. – Content Marketing Institute

Look! It’s our DAM champ Jenny Benevento! Benevento was featured in a podcast by Beyond the Stacks. She discusses her experience creating taxonomies for a variety of well-known companies and how she transitioned from a librarian to working as an independent taxonomist. – Beyond the Stacks

Do you want to be a DAM librarian? We might already know the answer. You probably do and that’s why you visit our website. But nonetheless, this article gives a great overview of what a DAM librarian does and how to market your skills so companies will want to hire you. – SJSU iSchool

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