Digital Asset Management Links — December 8, 2017

brand management links December 8, 2017

The DAM vendors of the year. Mark Davey, a well-recognized DAM professional, has come out with his list of the best DAM vendors of 2017 based on a number of different factors such as cloud proclivity, customer support, and his 10 core characteristics of DAM. He has come out with this shortlist ahead of his release of the Codified DAM Consultant – which he says is like the Kayak of DAM. Read all about it in this article. – LinkedIn

A critical view of AI in DAM. Ralph Windsor, a contributing editor for DAM news, gives his take on image recognition in DAM. His opinion is that automated keywords don’t supply enough specific information for most enterprises. – CMSWire

Another DAM Podcast is out for December. Henrik de Gyor is the man behind these interviews. This month he’s interviewing Dan Rosenberg. Dan talks about how one of the largest media publishers uses DAM and his challenges and successes with it. – Another DAM Podcast

We should dream bigger for DAM. Michael Shattuck suggests that organizations go beyond thinking about just getting a system that works for them (even though this is important!). Instead they should think about what their vision is for DAM, then work towards that and everything else will fall into place. – LinkedIn

Blockchains, digital asset management, and interoperability. It’s all about making DAM systems connect with other systems more effectively. This article gives a great rundown of what blockchains are, the myths surrounding them, and how they can improve the future of interoperability between systems. – DAM News

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