Digital Asset Management Links — December 4, 2015

Digital asset management links December 4, 2015

We’ve covered the amazing rise of digital archives before but this is the first: A digital archive on the moon. A private company called Lunar Mission One is planning a mission to the moon that will include science and history by drilling into moon rock and leaving a time capsule behind. The drilling will provide core samples for geologists to analyze, and the time capsule will make history by including a “digital record of life on Earth”. The project, which will seek crowdfunding, wants to gather the digital record using a model designed in 1986 by the BBC from the Domesday Project. As you can imagine, a lot of considerations go into gathering this kind of info and making sure it will be accessible to whoever finds it in the future. – Ars Technica

Do you get data from your DAM? Widen product manager Libby Maurer maintains that asset data can help marketers make better decisions.DAM News

Raise your hand if you hate Comic Sans! Chances are you aren’t alone, and Mitch Goldstein says that the international dislike for the bubbly font actually helps raise awareness that design is a thing. Goldstein writes “The permeating vitriol toward Comic Sans helps the mainstream understand that there is a difference between picking a font for your yard sale in Microsoft Word versus practicing graphic design as a profession.” Graphic design burn! – Communication Arts

The DAM diaspora is full of burns today, with Bob Brown asking “Did I just detect a flicker of personality in the enterprise IT industry?” It’s a great question to ask, as questions rise about the role and relevance of IT in the modern digital marketing world. As a sidenote: Very happy to see multiple women featured in Brown’s article. – Network World

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