Digital Asset Management Links — December 2018

Digital Asset Management Links December 2018

Harnessing the power of metadata.  This article outlines why metadata is essential to any company’s digital transformation. And because DAM is a master metadata engine, it is positioned to put the meta in this digital metamorphosis. – The Codified Consultant

Did you miss this year’s Taxonomy Bootcamp in Washington D.C.? AI – and its applications to taxonomies – was the focus of this year’s conference, now in its 14th year. Here is a fantastic recap from Heather Hedden…otherwise known as The Accidental Taxonomist.

And speaking of the Accidental Taxonomist…check out her article on taxonomy licensing, and why it might be a good fit for your company. – The Accidental Taxonomist.

DAM versus file management software. What can a DAM platform do that file management software can’t? The comparison of these two technologies in this article makes the differences clear (spoiler alert: DAM is NOT just a fancy file management software platform). – The Codified Consultant

Real Story Group explores what Work-in-Progress (“WIP”) technologies are…and why you might want these services as part of your DAM system. – Real Story Group

Two excellent DAM podcasts to enjoy. Henrik de Gyor from “Another DAM Podcast” talks to a couple DAM experts about the scope and challenges of their jobs: Anne Graham from Turner Sports, and Nancy Price from American Girl. – Another DAM Podcast (Ann Graham) and Another DAM Podcast (Nancy Price)

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