Digital Asset Management Links — December 11, 2015

Multicolored electrical cords together.

How do you decide what to include when populating a digital archive? The temptation is usually to do it all but like anything, you need a strategy, priorities, and a good way to curate collections for online viewing. – Visual Arts Hub

Speaking of populating a digital archive, resource provider Gale just launching an international, multi-language collection on “Crime and Punishment in the 19th Century” featuring more than 2 million pages of original material about crime during the Industrial Revolution. – Newswire Today

Storytelling has been a hot term in 2015 for writers. What about designers? DJ Stout, designer and former art director of the award-winning Texas Monthly talks about how storytelling should be a part of graphic design as well. – Fast Co Design

We often report on the tech boom in Africa, so it’s awesome to see an article about the importance of digital asset management. – IT Web

Are you planning a content audit (and not looking forward to it)?. It doesn’t have to be scary and it’s well worth the time and effort to understand where you content is, how it connects across a site, and what to keep or throw. Hint: A DAM system with analytic info would come in really handy here…- Content Marketing Institute

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