Digital Asset Management Links — December 1, 2017

Henry Stewart DAM LA really impressed this student. It was her first time attending the Los Angeles conference, and she says it was one of the most exciting and enlightening conferences she’s attended. She gives a rundown of the conference, some of the sessions she attended, and, most importantly, the people she met and learned from. – LinkedIn

Do you know the difference between computational tagging, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning? All these terms have been major trends in the marketing technology space recently. Peter Krogh wrote this handy article that explains how they’re all related and the differences between them. There’s even a handy graphic to help make sense of it all. – The DAM Book

DAM News is offering their vendor research toolkit for a reduced price through the end of the year. This toolkit includes their vendor research report and pricing survey all in one. The research report features a strategy selection report, a vendor directory, and a vendor features and benchmarking guide. The pricing survey includes the original data and an analysis report. – Digital Asset Management News

Here’s a take on auto-categorization and taxonomies. Heather Hedden gives her opinion on the technology of auto-categorization and where she thinks it’s going in the future. She also goes over some of the pros and cons of the machine doing the indexing for you versus a human. – The Accidental Taxonomist

An update on “The DAM Book 3.” Peter Krogh has been working hard on his next book, but says he wants to focus on quality rather than speed. Therefore, he has pushed the publication date to sometime in the future (no date set). Read this article to see his reasoning for pushing the publication date back, and you can also see some sneak peeks of the book in blog post form. – The DAM Book

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