Digital Asset Management Links — August 4, 2017

Digital asset management links for August 4, 2017

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A content lifecycle management approach will push your marketing and creative teams forward. This is similar to a digital asset management approach, but it goes beyond that. Content lifecycle management encourages teams to think about an asset’s journey from beginning to end. – MarTech Advisor

Digital asset management is about more than just managing assets. DAM is critical to your organization because it supports your brand. And in today’s world, some argue that your brand doesn’t only include all of the assets associated with it, but it also includes all of the experiences your customers have with it. This is just another reason why supporting your brand is extremely important. – CMSWire

Are you looking into creating or implementing a taxonomy at your organization? If so, you may have wondered what the best way is to do it. You can create one with current staff, hire a consultant, or license and implement an existing taxonomy. Heather Hedden, a professional taxonomist, dives into the pros and cons of each approach in this article. – LinkedIn

Consumer goods and fashion brands are shaping the direction of some DAM vendors’ technology. These industries have very specific needs, and some providers are starting to shape their products for these industries. This just brings back the point that DAM solutions are not one-size-fits all and it’s important to find a DAM solution that fits your organization. – Real Story Group

CNBC and Viacom are digitizing MTV’s “vault” of assets. So far, the project has successfully digitized 350,000 assets! And they’re using metadata to make these assets findable later. We love hearing people’s stories about digitizing old assets because we know it can be a lot of work, but in the end the value is enormous. – Media & Entertainment Services Alliance

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