Digital Asset Management Links — August 28 2015

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By Jamie Rector,

There are several reasons you need a digital asset management (DAM) system, but underutilization of digital assets might be one of the most important. In one survey, 50% of respondents reported that more than one-third of images, video, and rich media were not being used to their full potential. – The Next Web

Workflow, metadata, and user training — the key to a good DAM system? We kinda agree, actually. – EContent Magazine

And we agree with these five questions you should ask while setting up a new media library. They will help you understand more about workflows, asset types, and your system users. – globaledit

“The benefits to having more women in high-tech corporations and startups is that technology will improve…teams need to focus on diversity,” says Adriana Gascoigne, founder and CEO of Girls in Tech. Yes, yes, and yes. – The Huffington Post Tech

DAM systems are great at supporting and maintaining a brand’s identity by making sure the right rich media is available to support marketing, sales, and PR efforts. Build visual brand strategy with impact using these three tips. – NewsCred

American museum institution the Smithsonian is know for preserving the past, but it’s a leader in modern trends. This is a great article about how retailers can follow their example by engaging visitors with digital media. An overview of Smithsonian digital archives is included in our amazing online libraries list. – Retailing Today

Shakespeare translated into a new language — emojic. By UK artist Jamie Rector. – Metro

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