Digital Asset Management Links — August 25, 2017

Digital asset management links August 25, 2017

DAM systems usually live in the marketing department. But is that the only place they should reside? Probably not. You’d be surprised at how many different departments could benefit from your DAM system. – CMSWire

Here’s your August reading list from Tim Strehle. Tim Strehle is the man behind the Planet DAM Twitter account, which is constantly tweeting out new DAM articles. Check out what he suggests you should read this month. – Tim’s Weblog

DAM technology is important for many different industries. One of these is the hospitality industry. It’s critical that those who work in this area have the right photos to represent their travel destinations. If they have an old, outdated photo of a hotel room, they could potentially lose business. – Tnooz

The release date for “The DAM Book 3” will be revealed at the end of August. This is a book about DAM for photographers, written by Peter Krogh. Peter is a photographer, writer, filmmaker, publisher, and consultant. – The DAM Book

Dan Piro, one of our DAM champs, talks about the challenges of managing video assets. Some of the challenges he discusses are preparing for 4K video and with that increasing file size. Right now, you can easily take a video with 4K, but distributing it or archiving it is another story. – YouTube

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