Digital Asset Management Links — August 2018

Digital Asset Management Links August 2018

Starting this month, we are moving the biweekly DAM links to a monthly cadence. This is in an effort to provide you with the best digital asset management-related content. We hope you continue to enjoy our monthly roundup. Now, let’s get into the DAM links!

Are you new to the DAM world? Or maybe you’ve been here for a while and you feel lost amongst all of the DAM jargon that gets thrown around. Well, we found exactly what you’re looking for: a DAM glossary. – CMSWire

Where is your central source of truth? There’s a debate in the digital world about where metadata should live. Is it on the file? In a database or a DAM system? Of course, we argue that your central source of truth should be in your DAM system. But the answer may be different for everyone. Dive deeper into the issue in this article. – The DAM Book

Henry Stewart runs a great series on LinkedIn called “Sharing DAM Experiences.” They interview DAM professionals that will be speaking at their upcoming DAM Chicago 2018 conference. They also discuss how DAM fits into their organizations and the challenges and successes they’ve had with it. Read the interviews with Brad Zylman, Emily Vargas, and DAM champ Rachel Edwards.

Take a deep dive into taxonomy. Taxonomist Heather Hedden argues that we should not name taxonomy levels. She goes over a brief history of taxonomies and some of the problems that have come with naming them. – The Accidental Taxonomist

Another DAM Podcast for the month of August. This month it’s with Lauren Henne of Charter Communications. She talks about how her organization utilizes DAM and her challenges and successes with it. – Another DAM Podcast

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