Digital Asset Management Links — August 11, 2017

Digital asset management links August 11, 2017

It’s difficult to market in today’s world. These days, consumers want creative marketing campaigns across varied channels. This can be a huge challenge if you aren’t managing your digital assets correctly. This article explains why you may need a DAM system and best practices for implementation. – Multichannel Merchant

Should you care about the cloud? Our answer is yes, but if you’d like some reasons why, read this article. Spoiler: Not all cloud experiences are the same. – LinkedIn

Technology is important. But it’s not the answer to everything. From the decision phase to implementing a system, there are critical issues that need to be addressed to ensure successful deployment, adoption, and usage. – Marketing Tech

DAM is expanding across the enterprise. DAM isn’t just for marketing and creative teams. It can be used across your organization (with some careful planning, of course). Read this to see why departments across your organization will love DAM. – CMSWire

Have you ever heard of content lifecycle management (CLM)? It’s closely related to digital asset management and it’s wise to use both strategies side by side. Find out what CLM is and how your organization can use it to keep your brand on point. – EContent

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