Digital Asset Management Links — April 9, 2016

Digital asset management links April 9, 2016

A common language is required to talk about digital asset management (DAM) internally and with vendors. Media therapist Robin Parisse recommends having a “DAM dictionary” to make sure everyone has the same understanding about terms and systems.  – LinkedIn Pulse

A refreshing take on the importance of digital assets, how they support brands, and the value of your content.  – CMSWire

Is IT spending taking a hit? Technology research firm Gartner Inc. says yes – due to economic uncertainty. I’m also wondering if changes in marketing technology (martech) are re-shaping the role of IT. As martech booms, marketers are often bypassing IT and using out of the box software solutions to manage workflows, digital assets, and publishing. – Reuters

Non-profit organization The HistoryMakers just opened their oral African-American digital archives to 10 major universities. The collection includes thousands of interviews with African-Americans from all walks of life. – Chicago Tribune

Corporate design can benefit from an injection of humor – when it’s done right.  – Quartz

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