Digital Asset Management Links — April 7, 2017

Digital asset management links April 7, 2017

G2 Crowd has released its Spring 2017 Enterprise Digital Asset Management Software Grid report. The report is based on more than 348 reviews written by business professionals. Shoutout to the Widen Collective for earning the highest overall satisfaction score! Other high performers included Libris, IntelligenceBank, Brandfolder, and Extensis Portfolio, among others. – PRWeb

Companies who don’t get on the DAM train are going to get left behind. DAM is essential to any organization running smoothly. But you can’t just get a DAM system and expect all of your problems to be solved. The technology is the first step, but training your users and getting them to use the DAM is the next one. This article goes over the ins and outs of why DAM is important and then gives tips for those who are looking to get started in DAM. – ANA Magazine

You can work remotely as a DAM admin, but it takes some planning. Hear from a DAM admin himself about the benefits of working from home and how to make a plan to stay productive while doing it. – Tame Your Assets

The DAM industry is definitely not dead, but some people think it is. Ralph Windsor, a DAM professional of more than 20 years, believes the reason people think the industry is dead is because DAM hasn’t captured interest as well as other enterprise technologies. Another issue is people not being able to find things in their DAM system, which makes them think it’s not useful and decreases user adoption. – Digital Asset Management News

Henry Stewart just published its March 2017 Journal of Digital Media Management. This is a peer-reviewed, professional journal for everyone out in the DAM world. The quarterly journal contains in-depth articles, real world case studies, and reviews written by some of the leading experts in the field. It’s a great journal to read because it doesn’t contain any advertisements nor promote any specific product; it just focuses giving DAM users the best information possible. – Ingenta

Proving DAM’s business value is easier said than done. It’s especially challenging when you might be trying to prove this to someone who never uses the system. And proving DAM is needed is one of the most important parts of keeping the DAM system at your organization. This article provides a great overview of how to demonstrate the business value of DAM. – MarketingProfs

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