Digital Asset Management Links — April 21, 2017

Digital asset management links April 21, 2017

We are super excited that NASA has digitally archived all of their photos and made them available to the public. It was a real challenge for them to make 140,000 images, videos, and audio files available to the public in an easy-to-navigate way, but after working on it for many years they finally accomplished it. Now all of us space nerds can rejoice. – Ars Technica

Check out this book titled “Top 129 Content Marketing Tools.” It’s by Byron White and contains what he believes are the top content marketing tools on the planet. It includes tools for content planning, management, creation, performance, and others. Shoutout to digital asset management systems for being one of those featured tools! (If you click on the link it will download the book automatically.) – WriterAccess

Have you ever wondered how DAM, MDM, and PIM work together? Or maybe you’re even wondering what all of those acronyms stand for. This article gives a quick 360-degree view of all three products and how they can work together in harmony. – Gartner Blog

Tim Strehle, the man behind the Planet DAM Twitter account and an author at DAM News, is out with the April DAM reading list. Tim is constantly searching the internet for the latest DAM-related content, and he puts it all together in a convenient reading list every month. – Tim’s Weblog

Another DAM podcast is out. Henrik de Gyor, a DAM consultant, is the one behind these podcasts. For this one he sits down with Nick Felder, the global head of film and music production for Coca-Cola, to talk about digital asset management at the company. They discuss content reuse, ROI, and challenges and successes with digital asset management. – Another DAM Podcast

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