Digital Asset Management Links — April 14, 2017

Digital asset management links April 14, 2017

Do you need help convincing key decision-makers that your organization needs DAM? Then this article is for you. It goes through the process of demonstrating business value for DAM and creating a business case for investment. There’s also a handy checklist to help you find a DAM solution that will be the right fit. – MarketingProfs

Doing your research before making any buying decision is a must. DAM is no different. It’s important to do as much research as possible and to also do a variety of research. This article goes into depth about how exactly to accomplish that by providing a number of different resources you can research before you decide on a DAM solution. – CMSWire

Are you interested in attending a Henry Stewart DAM event, but not sure if it’s worth it? Well, we can tell you it definitely is, but hear from Byron Chapman, the Media Fulfillment Manager of PGA Tour. He said it was very eye opening to go to a conference that was specifically focused on DAM and it made him realize that his company could be doing a lot better with DAM. – YouTube

Do you have the right DAM vendor for your industry? Real Story Group wants to help you find out. They’ve rated 34 different vendors across nine different industries. Check out their resources to make sure you’re getting the right DAM fit for your industry. – Real Story Group

Digital asset management is the chard of the software world. This definitely made me laugh out loud, but it’s really quite true. Chard has some amazing health benefits, but it seems like no one cares about it. The same goes for DAM. It can immensely improve your organization as a whole and the workflows within, but it seems like no one ever gives DAM the kudos it deserves. How do we reinvent the DAM brand to communicate its value and get people excited about it? – CMSWire

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