Five DAM software functions that drive return on investment


Getting at return on investment (ROI) on a DAM system is always a hot topic, and we’ve talked many times before about how you can justify your ROI from a DAM system. However, what often isn’t discussed is why and how DAM systems give ROI. What is it about DAM software that provides the ROI? What are the specific features and functions?

That’s what we’ll be getting into here. This article is for those working to justify DAM or expanding their DAM system’s reach and capability. It’s for the DAMsters who want to find ways to justify putting more time into DAM. It’s also for those who need to justify why they spend “all the DAM time” managing content!

The primary features and functions of DAM systems help you do so much more work at higher levels of quality and consistency. This is possible because you have a central source of truth for the creation, management, and distribution of your business’ digital assets.

Now, let’s get into the five DAM functions that drive ROI.

Five DAM software functions that drive return on investment

1. Governance

The first function of a DAM system is governance in the form of user roles and access controls (via permissions), which drive appropriate use and adoption. This allows you to offer controlled access to the right content, to the right people, at the right time, to use when they need it. This is a foundation of content management and aids and supports scalable business growth.

2. Metadata and taxonomy

Metadata and taxonomy help you organize and find your best, most relevant, and most valuable content across your organization. Metadata describes content for search and searchability (and, in turn, reuse), defines for appropriate use and reuse, and protects from misuse, abuse, and exposure to liability – from rights management to release and expiration controls.

3. Automatic processing

Automatic processing with on-the-fly file conversions drives repurposing and saves a ton of creative time and effort from having to convert and transcode photos, videos, and creative files to other file formats. It also saves on the expense of having specialized software for your sales and marketing teams.

4. Create Once and Publish Everywhere

Create Once, Publish Everywhere with sharing, linking, and embedding assets and collections to extend the value of your content across multiple systems, channels, and websites. That’s the beauty of a DAM system working in tandem with your CMS, CRM, e-commerce, social media, and marketing automation platforms!

5. Analytics

Analytics make DAM ROI more clear when you consider knowing what your best-performing content is across all channels. Insights allow you to see into content engagement, performance, and intended use, and understand what your internal and external audiences want. This is priceless. With that type of business intelligence, you can’t afford to not have a DAM system! And if you do have a DAM system, you can’t afford to not look at your insights on a regular basis.

As you can see, these DAM features really add some value to your organization. Next time leaderships asks you why you spend so much time on DAM, you can justify it with these reasons.

Try out the DAM ROI calculator to come up with your financial justification or contact us to discuss ROI factors at your organization.


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