Digital Asset Management Links — May 22, 2015

Digital asset management links May 22, 2015

Recent projections estimate that the marketing resources management (MRM) industry will be worth of $4.46 billion this year and $9 billion by 2020. MRM encompasses tools that “improve and enhance marketing operations management” — like digital asset management. The focus for buyers of marketing technology? Agility and integration. – CMO Australia

It’s not too late to enjoy the greatness of Laurence Olivier thanks to a £9.5 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to the British Library to digitize audio recordings of his stage performances. The grant is part of an overall £40 million pounds that will be used to modernize archival equipment and fund public outreach projects. – The Stage

Pennsylvania State University of the latest (but probably not  last) victim of a digital security breach. It’s estimated that hackers had access to the College of Engineering’s records for more than two years. – The Wall Street Journal

With the ever-increasing number of data hacks like the one above, it comes as no surprise that the least popular job in information technology is on that includes the phrase “security officer.” If you’re looking to hire one or interested in an IT security position, here are top tips to be successful. – CIO

Five simple, straightforward ways that data can assist your marketing efforts. They left off the power of analytics in understanding how your digital assets are used, but it’s a good enough list they’re forgiven. – Entrepreneur

Real estate is changing, and like every industry, they’re looking for better visuals, a more personalized experience for shoppers, and enhanced marketing. The death of print collateral is questionable, though, since print remains powerful in specific, targeted instances. When it comes to a big experience like buying a house, print can still have an impact. – Inman

A great example of the power of print: stunning airline posters and marketing material from a time when it was all about the aesthetic. – Wired

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