Digital Asset Management Links — May 1, 2015

Digital asset management links May 1, 2015

The trend towards digital archiving is great to see, but be warned, making digital copies does not ensure security and preservation. Data threats, inaccessibility, and lack of long-term thinking put important digital assets at risk. – BBC

Digital is taking over the advertising world. It poses a challenge to marketers as they strive to create consistent, united materials across devices and link those campaigns to traditional mediums like print, television, and billboards. The article doesn’t mention digital asset management, but obviously, when it comes to managing a brand, DAM is essential. – Financial Times

Do you want to connect to diverse audiences and customer bases? Women in tech are good for diversity in people, viewpoints, problem solving, and profitability. – Forbes

Print and Wisconsin are two topics close to our heart, so this story bring the feels. Among the ever-rising digital tide, printed maps hold their position. Mapping Specialists, a Fitchburg-based map company, has ties to the highly respected University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Geography. – The American Surveyor

Five easy-to-adopt analytic tools and five straightforward basic marketing tools to simplify and streamline your marketing efforts. They’ll help you navigate the crowded marketing technology landscape. – Business 2 Community

Understand your audience beyond demographics with content marketing personas. Correct content marketing personas will help you figure out the frustrations, motivations, and content consumption habits of the people you are trying to reach. – Content Marketing Institute

Once your personas are ironed out, follow the steps on this awesome infographic to produce content. – MarketingProfs

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