DAM Links — March 27, 2015

We’re thrilled to celebrate a new look for DigitalAssetManagement.com, an educational resource site providing unbiased information and a community for digital asset managers of all levels. The original site launched over 10 years ago.Marketwired

Vignelli subway map digital asset

The elegant simplicity of the New York subway map is so basic that many of us have never questioned where it came from. Designed in the 70’s by Massimo Vignelli, the image stands the test of time and this rare interview from 2006 is a must read for anyone in web design, graphic design, or marketing. – Fast Company

In these days of online shopping and the digital social scene, a brand’s reputation and the images that support it are of utmost importance. Are you still using email to share brand assets? If so, you might be compromising security. Learn how digital asset management programs can help protect your brand. – Business2Community

There is so much focus on selecting a DAM system it can seem like once you have one, your assets are instantly organized. Unfortunately for so many of us, this isn’t the case. Corey Chimko, Digital Resources Coordinator at Cornell University, offers tips on the workflows for digital assets from creation to archive. – DAM Guru

“A DAM system is only as good as it’s metadata.” Heard that before? Just like managing and optimizing workflows in a DAM helps you get the most from your digital assets, strategically using metadata can help you reach your marketing and business goals. The great DAMster John Horodyski explains in a new orange paper. – Virtual Strategy Magazine

Development is underway on open-source DAM software to help museums and non-profits organizations store their digital assets. An interesting project and a revealing look into unique challenges faced by institutions preserving digital assets. – TechTarget

In case you are wondering what is going on all around the world in real-time, there’s an app for that. Meet Banjo, the social media mixing bowl that uses geolocated mobile posts from various social media platforms to provide a pulse on topics around the world. – Inc


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