Digital Asset Management Links – Jan 23, 2015


How one digital archivist in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, is driving traffic to the city’s website with a growing collection of over 800 historical photos. – Chronicle Journal

Make the most of your visual content with these tips: Strategize, keep a clear head, examine it like an audience member…a long list of considerations. – Content Management Institute

Your content marketing plan should contain several distribution methods like your blog or website, an email list and social platforms. You’ll need a DAM system though, because the best plans create for an integration system of related content. – Forbes

Recent emails hacks at Sony are a great example of why security is a key concern in when it comes to digital asset management. Every type DAM system – SaaS, on-premise, open source – has special security concerns. Do you know how your digital assets are protected? – Fierce Content Management

Metadata, one of the most powerful organizational tools in your digital asset management system and an ongoing source of stress for many. Watch this “Mastering Metadata” webinar recording (link at bottom of the page). – Widen

Changes in information technology are driving one big business to make major changes. Driving it is simple fact that more companies are moving their data into the cloud. – Economist

Ongoing changes to Facebook and mean it’s imperative to make your content stand out. One suggestion? Visual content, short posts, and paid promotions. Make it exclusive to Facebook and don’t use marketing-speak. Good luck! – Search Engine Journal

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