Digital Asset Management Links – Feb 6, 2015

Digital Asset Management & Metadata

Metadata. The word strikes fear and awe into the hearts of many. John Horodyski makes the case for using metadata to manage your content beyond rich media. – CMSWire

And what better time to think about organizing your content than now, when the digital age is upon us? Collecting, managing, finding, repurposing, and distributing assets is more important than ever. – Business Review Australia

While institutions around the world turn their physical collections into digital assets, Canada is left in the dust. Literally, the dust of crumbling documents. The country recently published a lengthy report detailing the problem and what solutions are available. Right now, all signs point towards a national collaboration. – CBC News

The following list of the four hardest things to change in IT applies to all technology projects, including digital asset management. With marketing technology adoption on the rise, marketers, creatives, executives, and IT professionals should be aware of the challenges. – CIO

Make the most of your digital assets on social networks by scheduling posts. Not for next week, but for the next year. This article contains the why and the how. – Entrepreneur

Don’t be afraid to revive your email marketing efforts. Research shows that the way people use email has changed – and it’s a great place to connect with customers. – Marketing Land


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