Digital Asset Management Links – Feb 27, 2015

Digital Asset Management Growth

MarketsandMarkets published a new research brief predicting that by 2019 the digital asset management (DAM) market will be worth $4.12 billion dollars, up from $1.16 billion in 2014. The press release attributes the rise to “compliance with regulatory standards, rising demands for collaborative digital workflows, and mounting concerns about data loss and misplaced”. – PR Newswire

Don’t fall into the trap of “blind love” when choosing a video management system. It’s tempting when you see shiny solutions at conferences. Keep your head, and your organizations needs, in mind to select the best system for your organization. [VIDEO] – Streaming Media

Are you currently considering a DAM system? Research and advisory firm the Real Story is offering a webinar on “The Right Way to Select Digital & Media Asset Management Technology.” Sign up now for the 30-minute webinar on Wednesday, March 11 at 12:00 PM EDT. – Real Story Group

In the push for analytics and automation in marketing, the psychology of behavior can get lost. Remember that your audiences and customers are people and understanding how and why people do what they do can help you engage them. – Business2Community

A question for the graphic designers: Do you feel like your job is accurately represented in Hollywood? If you mostly make logos, letterheads, and brochures it probably is. Otherwise, not so much. [VIDEO] – Fast Company

Because as we know, the job of a designer is much more than letterheads and logos. Case in point: Anne Atkins created an identity for a fictional country for the film “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”Quartz

Discussion of “the cloud” is part of most digital asset management and marketing technology conversations. Not everyone embraces it with open arms, though, and this article explains common roadblocks to cloud adoption and tips for selecting a storage method that is right for you. – CMSWire

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