Digital Asset Management Links – Feb 20, 2015

DAM Solutions & Google’s Digital Black Hole

Supermassive black hole and surrounding stellar dust cloud. Credit: ESA / V. Beckmann (NASA-GSFC)

It’s been a DAM crazy week. Yes we still find DAM jokes funny.

To start, google vice-president Vint Cerf, did some digital doomsday future telling with talk of a “the digital black hole” that might eat your memories. That’s pretty dramatic. – The Guardian

Then, two important international digital archive announcement were made today:

Denmark’s largest digital archive opened, making their collection of nearly 2 million digital assets available to the general public. Documents and images in the collection date back to the 1600’s. – The Copenhangen Post

The University of Canterbury released news that they have collected and digitized over 120,000 assets since the 2011 earthquake that wrecked havoc on Christchurch. – University of Canterbury

Informational technology professionals got some advice. Namely, that you are thinking about your job the wrong way. Keep your eye on business, they recommend. –

More specific advice about the kinds of business skills IT professionals can benefit from includes the ability to “marry the strategic needs of an organisation to technological solutions” aka pick the right marketing technology system. –  techradar

“Just my type.” Not a Valentines greeting but a book about the history of your favorite type (or not favorite. Hi Comic Sans!) and the fonts of the famous. Part of a list of ten essential reads for graphic designers and those of us that love design. – Creative Boom

If you are one of those people who admire and love design but haven’t mastered or can’t afford pricey design programs, online layout tool Canva is growing in popularity as way for to create simple graphics for blog posts and social media. –

In the push for lots of content, make sure you are still providing quality content. Here’s the IDEA framework for good content development. Bonus: It comes with a great graphic. – Campaign Asia Pacific

Following the trend of software development, marketing goes agile! Combined with clear workflows and input from employees across the company, you’ve covered the hallmarks of the marketing future. – Business2Community

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