Digital Asset Management Links – Feb 13, 2015

Digital Asset Management Software & Archivists

Archivist Andrew Baraniak, Wisconsin Veterans Museum, Madison Wisconsin. Photo by Mark Hoffman, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Amid the growing push for proper digital archive of historical visual assets, the Wisconsin Veterans Museum is using a $31,000 grant to digitize their collection of Civil War images. The entire collection will be available on the museum’s website. – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The question was: What do digital asset management system users want out of their DAM? The answer: Integrations, analytics, and the capability to manage ever-growing file sizes. Find out where the DAM industry is headed, and if it’s the right direction. – CMSWire

On the topic of analytics, one consultant says asset analytic data is the future of DAM systems. Knowing how, when, and where images are being used can inform future campaigns and image selection. – Smart Data Collective

You might be a graphic designer if…you’ve ever been annoyed by the improper kerning in a poster. Sara Heffernen created a clever series of “Graphic Design Pun Cards” for creatives everywhere. – AdWeek

Get your metadata ready. Internet pioneer Vint Cerf warns of a 21st century “information black hole.” Not because there isn’t enough information, but because it’s not well organized enough to find things. – Financial Times

It’s still early enough in 2015 to see predictions and expectations for the year ahead. What’s in? Marketing technologists, real time ROI and all employees as marketers. What’s out? Curating links by hand and SEO-driven content. – MediaPost

Customer engagement is a key consideration in content development and marketing these days. Interesting to see it applied to a restaurant as this major chain plans for a digital overhaul. Sounds like it might include onsite interactive elements. – PR Newswire

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