Digital Asset Management Links — April 17, 2015

High school tech awards Michigan digital asset management links

It’s always a pleasure to see women in technology. Twenty-two female high school students from the Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center were recently honored for achievements in technology. Also honored was Christina Li, who was featured in last week’s DAM Links for starting a tech camp for middle school girls. – MLive

Do you enjoy your sleek, light digital devices? If so, raise a glass of your favorite beverage to Gordon Moore this weekend. April 19 is the anniversary of Moore’s Law, which posited that digital storage power would double twelve to eighteen months. He predicted it to last a decade and it’s still going strong 50 years later. – The Washington Post

The marketing technology world is wide and deep, so how do you create tools that people want and will use? Here are five important ways to look at martech and a line we love, “digital marketing has become increasingly about listening.” – CMSWire

On that note, are small business owners on your potential customer list? Here’s an interview with Molly Day from the National Small Business Association telling you exactly what they want from marketing technology. – Street Fight

We agree with Jennifer Matt — the print industry should adopt and integrate marketing technologies into workflows and customer offerings. Of course we advocate starting with digital asset management. See our recent article “5 ways your print company can make money with a DAM system.” – WhatTheyThink

Boost your content with appealing visuals with ten quick and easy tools. – Business 2 Community

Hillary Clinton announced her presidency and social media went wild…over her logo. Is the criticism valid or did she fall prey to “crowdsmashing”? – Wired

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