Digital Asset Management Links — April 10, 2015

DAM Content Marketing and John Cleese

Comedic genius John Cleese is confirmed as the keynote at Content Marketing World 2015. It should be an entertaining and enlightening take on how to create funny, popular content. Already it’s a great excuse to post an image from a classic Cleese sketches, the Ministry of Silly Walks. – Content Marketing World

Your brand stands behind it all. In the push to reach audiences and close sales, remember that the brand is often what keeps customers coming back. Positioning your brand correctly can help keep customers and attract new ones. May we suggest a DAM system to help with brand consistency? – Business 2 Community

First on the list of “5 Tools Every Graphic Designer Should Consider” is cloud computing/storage. If you want to get serious about it, try a cloud-based digital asset management system. There are lots of easy-to-use options that allow for keywords and easy sharing. – Tech Cocktail

Digital archiving tackles a touchy subject as Japanese and US experts work on digitizing study records from A-bomb studies of survivors in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The project, which has complicated privacy elements, is important in making history accessible to people. – The Japan Times

Meanwhile, the Library of Congress is coming under fire for information technology (IT) weaknesses. The library manages (or mismanages, according to critics) a collection of programs that are in desperate need of upgrades. – The New York Times

On the topic of information technology, one teen is taking on the gender gap by introducing middle school girls to computer science and IT. She’s created a week-long camp to boost confidence and break stereotypes. [VIDEO] – WXYZ Detriot

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