DAM and the information professional

Introducing our new resource “How an information professional can help streamline your DAM implementation

If your company is planning to implement a DAM system, you will significantly increase your odds of success if your team includes someone with an information science background, like a digital archivist.

How an information professional can help you with digital asset management

An information professional is the cornerstone of a successful DAM implementation, providing support and expertise in everything from championing the project and writing an RFP to setting up workflows that ensure assets are findable and conducting ongoing user training.

If you’re not able to hire someone with a background in information science, you have a couple of options to make sure your collection of digital assets is properly managed. One is to have someone dedicated to full-time to digital asset management, another is to split responsibilities between two or more people.

Whatever you choose, the key is a solid governance plan that addresses setting up users, training them, ingesting, tagging and managing image collections with the proper metadata.

A common trap that organizations fall into is having their creative team handle image management because they’re not convinced a dedicated DAM manager is needed. As a result, cataloging and metadata application may not be performed in a consistent manner and a lack of structured workflows can delay the addition of images into the DAM system. A dedicated DAM manager or managers can set up workflows to ensure that images are properly and consistently tagged, making the entire system more valuable to users.

Another common challenge is that the DAM system slowly falls into disrepair because no one is paying attention to the asset lifecycle by removing old or out-of-date images and adding new ones must. If this is not done consistently, it will become harder for users to find the assets they need. An information professional can keep the DAM system up-to-date and ensure that assets are being used properly.

We have a new resource to explain how a digital archivist or library science professional can help with many of the challenges organizations typically face before, during, and after DAM implementation. It also explains how the unique mindset of a digital archivist can contribute to a more successful DAM implementation and this person’s pivotal role in change management.

If you don’t go with a dedicated information professional, we encourage you to check out the resource anyway to get an idea of the kind of responsibilities and skills are necessary for a DAM manager or managers.

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