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When I’m not writing articles for DigitalAssetManagement.com, I am a dedicated horse person (Instagram evidence). I spend a lot of time at the barn grooming, riding, training, and exercising my horse.

My interest in horses obviously extends online, and I am a member of several horse-related Facebook groups. One of them is Equestrians from “back in the day”. The group has over 20 thousand members and all day long people post photos, videos, and stories about horses.

Many of the horses are famous racehorses, jumpers, and TV stars; sometimes people post personal pictures or newspaper clippings.

Recently, a post went up from librarian John Connolly at the National Sporting Library & Museum (NSLM) featuring the picture below.

Cotter Rocksie NSLM

Photo via Gerald B. Webb, Jr. Photograph Albums, 1935-1961 at the National Sporting Library & Museum.

Connolly researched the image at the request of someone who saw it featured in on a blog. He detailed his process on the NSLM blog in an article called ”Reference Question: Who is this rider?

The answer is as impressive as his digital (and physical — the search ended with a note on the back of the photo) detective work. The rider is Margaret “Peg” Cotter, the horse is Rocksie. Cotter and Rocksie set the world record for women’s showjumping, clearing six feet, three inches in 1938. It’s likely this photo is from around that time.

It’s exciting for me to see my personal and professional interests come together like this, and especially ending with a record-setting female athlete. If you are interested in horse history or art, read some of Connolly’s other articles or visit the International Museum of the Horse.

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